Nottingham Buildings


In this section I have sought to show city buildings of significance or that have some special or general interest and quality. I do not apologise for a bias towards the old but at the same time I have included many of the modern buildings that are presently shooting up throughout the city. There are some beautiful buildings in Nottingham, and designs by architects, Cecil Howitt, Thomas Chambers Hine, Watson Fothergill, Alfred Waterhouse and Albert Nelson Bromley are amongst the best that have endured and made positive contributions to the general 'feel' of the city. Unfortunately, in the 1960's and regrettably again now, many buildings have been erected that fail to match those of the past in terms of quality, detail, scale and general interest.
































= Watson Fothergill

= Thomas Chambers Hine




Academy Heights, Angel Row  
Adams Building, Stoney Street   * Now The New College, Nottingham
Adult Education Centre, Shakespeare Street  
Admiral Rodney Public House, Wollaton  
Advanced Manufacturing Building, Jubilee Campus   
Albert Ball VC Memorial Homes, Church Street, Lenton
Albert Hall, North Circus Street  
Alea Casino, Wollaton Street / Upper Parliament Street
Alfreton Road School, Alfreton Road / Bentinck Road   * Now Bentinck Road Primary School
Alfreton Road. No. 2  
All Saints' Church, All Saints' Street / Raleigh Street  
All Souls Church Parish Rooms, Lenton Boulevard
Alma Inn, Alfreton Road / Bentinck Road  
Arc (The), NG2 Business Park  
Argos, 37 - 41 Lower Parliament Street. (Was BK & Co)  
Arkwright Building (Trent University), Shakespeare St.  
Art Exchange, Gregory Boulevard, Hyson Green  
Arts Theatre, George Street
Assembly Rooms, 9 Low Pavement  
B Bagthorpe Workhouse, off Hucknall Road  *Now part of Nottingham City Hospital
Bagthorpe Workhouse, St. Luke's Chapel  *Now part of Nottingham City Hospital
Baptist Church, Woodborough Road   
Barclay's Bank, Alfreton Road / Raleigh Street  
Barclay's Bank, Beastmarket Hill.  Now 'The Bank'  
Basford NET Tram Station, Vernon Road  
BBC Nottingham, London Road  
Beeston Lodge, Derby Road (Lodge to Wollaton Hall)  
Bell Fruit Games Factory, Leen Gate   * Now converted into apartments.
Bell Inn, Angel Row
Bentinck Hotel, Carrington Street / Station Street  
Bio City, Pennyfoot Street   
Bishops House, Nazereth Road, Lenton  
Birkin Warehouse & Offices, Broadway     
Blue Bell, Upper Parliament Street
Bluecoat School, Mansfield Road   
Boat Inn, Lenton
Boots first department store - 16 to 22 Goose Gate  
Boots the Chemist, High Street  
Boulevard Public House, Radford Boulevard
Bowden & Co., 22 Fletcher Gate   
Boys High School, Arboretum Street
Brewhouse Yard, Castle Road
Bridlesmith Gate No's 5 to 9  
Bridlesmith Gate No. 11  
Bridlesmith Gate No's 13 to 15 - King John's Chambers  
Bridlesmith Gate No. 17  
Bridlesmith Gate No. 25  
Bridlesmith Gate No's 37 to 41  
Bridlesmith Gate No. 43  
Bridlesmith Gate No. 49  
Bridlesmith Gate No. 51  
Bridlesmith Gate No. 58  
British Waterways Warehouse, Trent Basin, Meadow Lane
Broad Marsh Centre, Collin Street
Broard Marsh Redevelopment  
Broadway Cinema, Broad Street  
Broard Marsh Bus Station, Canal Street     
Broard Street - No's 26, 28 & 30 Outworkers Cottages  
Bromley House, Angel Row
Browns, 20 Park Row  
Bulwell NET Tram Stop  
Bunbury Street Tram Depot  
Burton the Tailor,  Friar Lane
Byron House, 1 College Street     


Canal House Public House, Canal Street
Canal Street Police Station, Canal Street  *Also known as Leen Side Police Station
Canning Terrace, Canning Circus  
Capital One Bank, Station Street (Loxley House)  
Castle Cavendish Business Centre, Radford
Castle Gate No.17  
Castle Gate No.19 - Stanford House  
Castle Gate No's 25 to 27 - St. Nicholas Court  
Castle Gate No's. 29 to 31 - Nottm Hospital for Women  
Castle Gate - No.32  
Castle Gate - No's. 34 to 36  
Castle Gate. No's. 43 to 47  
Castle Gate. No. 49  
Castle Gate. No. 51  
Castle Gate. No's.53 & 55  
Castle Rock Brewery, Queens Bridge Road  
Central College Nottingham, Canal Street  
Central Fire Station, Shakespeare Street.  
Central Police Station, North Church Street  
Centre for Contemporary Art , Nottingham, Weekday Cross (CCAN)  

Charleston House, Peel Street   *Was The Women's Hospital
Chaucer Street. No.28  
Cherwell House, 10 Oxford Street  
Churchill House, Heathcote Street
Circle NHS Treatment Centre, Lister Road, QMC Campus  
Cirrus Building, NG2 Business Park  
City Buildings, Carrington Street
City Gate House, Toll House Hill
Cleaves Conference Centre, 6 Castle Gate
Clement Pianos, Lenton Boulevard  
Clifton Village Buildings (Hall, Church, School etc.)  
Cock & Hoop, High Pavement
College of Art, Waverly Street  
College Street, No. 1  
Colville Villas, North Sherwood Street
Colwick Hall / Colwick Hall Hotel, Racecourse Road
Co-Op Bakery, Meadow Lane  * Now Stephen Jenkins Bathrooms
Co-Op, Upper Parliament Street  
Congregational Church, Castle Gate
Corn Exchange, Thurland Street  
Corner House Cinema, Forman Street
Council House, The Old Market Square   
County Court, St. Peter's Gate  
County House, 23 High Pavement   
Cross Keys or CK's Public House  
Crown Inn, Crocus Street / Arkwright Street  
Crown Court Nottingham, Canal Street  
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Vernon Street / Derby Road
Crystal Palace Public House, Clumber Street  
Cuckson, Haseldine & Manderfield Offices, Barker Gate  
D Daks-Simpson (Womenswear) Ltd. Factory / Mill, Lenton   *Now 'Simpsons' 
Debenham's Department Store, Long Row  
Delilah, 12 Victoria Street  
Derby Road, No's. 48 to 60  
Derby Road. No's. 62 to 68  
Derby Road. No's. 70 to 82  
Derby Road. No's. 106 to 124  
Discovery Building, Bio City, Pennyfoot Street   
Djanogly Arts Centre, Highfields Park, University Blvd.  
Djanogly City Academy, Gregory Boulevard  
Dog & Bear Public House, Bridlesmith Gate.  * Now Starbucks
Dragon Public House, Long Row
Drill Hall, Derby Road.
E Eastcroft Depot, Off London Road
Eastcroft Incinerator, Incinerator Road
East Midlands Development Agency, City Link Road
East Midlands Conference Centre, Beeston Lane  
Edward Steegman, Lace Warehouse, Plumptre Street  
Eldon Chambers, Wheeler Gate
Elite Cinema, Upper Parliament Street
Enfield Chambers, 14-16 Low Pavement  
Enfield House, 18 Low Pavement  
E-On UK Ltd., HQ, Burton Street / North Church Street  
Evening Post Offices, Wilford Road / Canal Street  
Exchange Arcade, The Council House  
Exchange Hotel, The Poultry  
Express Offices, Parliament Street  
Experian - Landmark House, Queens Drive, NG2
Eye Hospital, The Ropewalk
F Falcon Inn, Alfreton Road  
Fellows Morton & Clayton Public House
Flying Horse Hotel, The Poultry  
Forest Lodge, Mansfield Road
Fothergill Offices, George Street    
Fox (Foxy's) Public House, Upper Parliament Street
Fox & Grapes Public House, Southwell Road  
Franklin Ellis Architects, Old Pump House, 5 The Ropewalk  
French Connection, 6 Victoria Street  
Friar Lane. No. 84 - Fraser Brown Solicitors
Furley & Co. Provisions.  12-16 Lower Parliament St.  
Futurist Cinema, Valley Road / Nottingham Road  
G Gas Showrooms, Lower Parliament Street / Glssshouse St.  
General Hospital, Park Road  
Generous Briton Public House, Alfreton Road  
George & Dragon, Long Row
George Hotel, George Street   * Now The Mercure Hotel
Goose Gate 16 to 22 - Boots first department store  
Gothic House, Barker Gate  
Great Northern Railway Station, Off London Road  
Great Northern Railway Warehouse  
Greens Mill, Sneinton  
Gregory Hotel & Public House, Ilkeston Road  
Griffin & Spalding Department Store, Long Row  * Now Debenhams 
Grosvenor Public House, Mansfield Road   
GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratory, Jubilee Campus   
Guildhall, Burton Street (Old City Courts)  * Now with photographs of the interior.
H Halifax House  
Hartley Road Flats, Radford
Haunted Museum, Woodborough Road, Mapperley  
High Pavement - No.14  
High Pavement - No.23 - Lady Hutchinson's House  
High Pavement - No's 26 to 28  
High Pavement - No.27  
High Pavement - No. 29  
High Pavement 6th Form College, Chaucer Street  
Hine House, 1 Castle Grove  
Hine House, 25 Regent Street     Residence of T C Hine
Hockley Mill, Belward Street
Hockley Mill House, Belward Street
Hole In The Wall Public House, North Sherwood Street  
Holiday Inn Express, Chapel Quarter
Holy Trinity Church, Church Street, Lenton
Home Brewery, Mansfield Road, Daybrook  
Hooley's Garage Ltd, The Ropewalk
Hub (The), Carrington Street / Queens Road   * Midland Station re-development
Hyson Green Library, Gregory Boulevard  
I Ibis Hotel, Fletcher Gate / Bottle Lane
Icon, The Ropewalk  
Imperial Hotel, St. James's Street
Imperial Building, Victoria Street  
Inland Revenue, Castle Meadow Road.  
J Jessop's Old Store, King Street  
Johnson Arms Public House, Lenton
Jubilee Campus /  Innovation Park, Nottingham University    *A must for fans of modern architecture
Jurys Inn Hotel, Station Street  
John Player & Sons No.2 Factory, Radford Boulevard
John Player & Sons, Horizon Factory, Thane Road
John Player & Sons, Bonded Warehouses, Triumph Rd.
John Pye & Sons, Radford Road, Radford  * Formerly Shipstones Brewery
Journal Chambers, 28-30 Pelham Street   
K King John's Chambers - Bridlesmith Gate No's 13 to 15   
L Lace Market Skyline, General Views  
Lace Market Theatre, Halifax Place   
Lace Makers Arms, High Pavement    
Lambert's Factory, Talbot Street  
Leen Side Police Station, Canal Street   
Lenton & Radford Library, Lenton Boulevard  
Lenton Lodge, Derby Road. (Lodge to Wollaton Hall)   
Lenton Methodist Church, Derby Road  
Lewis & Grundy, Victoria Street
Lion Hotel, Clumber Street  
Litmus Building, Huntingdon St./ King Edward St.  
Livery Stables, Talbot Street / Wollaton Street  
Loggerheads Public House, Cliff Road  
Lombard House, 37 - 41 Lower Parliament Street
London Road Fire Station  
London Road School  
Long Row - No.17  
Long Row - Unidentified  
Long Row No's 31 - 32    
Long Row No.33   
Long Row No's 34 - 35  
Long Row No. 37     *Now part of Debenhams
Lord Byron's House, St James's Street
Lord Roberts Public House, Broad Street  
Low Pavement - No.8  
Low Pavement - No.9 The Assembly Rooms  
Low Pavement - No.10  
Low Pavement - No.11   Presently the TSB Bank
Low Pavement - No.12   Presently  Carluccio's 
Low Pavement - No's 14 to16 - Enfield Chambers  
Low Pavement - No.18 - Enfield House  
Low Pavement - No.20 - Willoughby House  
Low Pavement - No's. 24 to 26 - Vault Hall  
Lower Parliament Street Tram & Bus Depot
Loxley House, Station Street  (Capital One)  
Lloyds No.1 Bar, 1 Carlton Street  
Lloyds Bank, 12-16 Lower Parliament Street  
M Maggie's Nottingham, The City Hospital Site  
Magistrates Courts, The Canal Side
Majestic Cinema, Wodborough Road, Mapperley  
Malt Cross, St. James's Street
Mansfield Court, Mansfield Road  
Marco Island, Huntingdon Street
Market Street. No's 3 to 5  
Marks & Spencer's Store, Lister Gate  
Martins Bank Ltd., 31 Market Street  
Masonic Hall, Goldsmith street
Memorial Homes, Standard Hill
Mercedes-Benz Showrooms, NG2 Business Park
Middle Pavement - No. 1  
Middle Pavement - No. 15  
Midland Institution for the Blind, Chaucer Street  
Midland Railway Station, Carrington Street   Pictures prior to restoration 
Mills Buildings, Plumptre Place  
Milibie House, 33 Pilcher Gate    
Montague Burton Store, Friar Lane / Beastmarket Hill
Mortimer House, Castle Road  


National Ice Centre, Bellar Gate
National Justice Museum, High Pavement    
National Provincial Bank, High Street / Smithy Row   * Now The Yorkshire Bank
National Provincial Bank, Valley Road, Basford  
National Car Park, Queens Bridge Road  
Navigation Public House, Wilford Street  
NET - Station Street Tram Terminus  
NET - Phase 2 - Clifton South Terminus   
New College City Hub, 111 Canal Street  
New Castle House, Castle Boulevard  
New Art Exchange, Gregory Boulevard, Hyson Green  
Newdigate House, Castle Gate
Newmarket Inn, Lower Parliament St.
Newstead Abbey Ravenshead
Newton Building, Trent University, Burton Street  
NG2 Business Park - New Developments  
NHS Treatment Centre, Lister Road, QMC Campus  
Ningbo Friendship Bridge & QMC Tramway, Clifton Bvd.  
Notintone Place No.12 - William Booth birthplace
Nottingham & Notts Bank, Thurland St. / Pelham St.    
Nottingham Arena, Bellar Gate
Nottingham Boys High School  
Nottingham Building Society, Friar Lane
Nottingham Castle, Castle Road    
Nottingham City Council, Loxley House, Station Street
Nottingham College of Art, Waverly Street  
Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross  

Nottingham Co-Op, Upper Parliament Street  
Nottingham Corporation Warehouse, Meadow Lane
Nottingham Council House, Old Market Square  * Now with photographs of the interior.
Nottingham & County Constitutional Club, Market Street  
Nottingham Crown Court, Canal Street  
Nottingham Forest Football Club Stadium, Trent Bridge
Nottingham Head Post Office  
Nottingham Hebrew Congregation Synagogue  * Now belonging to Trent University
Nottingham Hospital for Women - 19 to 31 Castle Gate  
Nottingham Innovation Park, Triumph Road  *Also known as The Jubilee Campus
Nottingham Joint Stock Bank, Peveril St. - Alfreton Rd.  *Later The Midland (HSBC) Bank
Nottingham One, Canal Street  
Nottingham Poor Law Offices, Shakespeare Street
Nottingham Racecourse, Racecourse Road
Nottingham Railway Station, Carrington Street  * Midland Station re-development
Nottingham Science Park, off University Boulevard  *Dedicated to the new extension.
Nottingham Society of Arts.  71 -73 Friar Lane  
Nottingham Trent Uni. Boots Library
Nottingham Trent Uni. Bonington Building   *Nottingham TRENT University is a totally 
Nottingham Trent Uni Development, Goldsmith St.   separate university to Nottingham University
Nottingham Trent Uni Development, Shakespeare St.  
Nottingham Trent Uni. new Facilities Building, 
23 Goldsmith St.
Nottingham University Academy for Science & Technology, Abbey Street, Dunkirk    (Also known as 'NUAST')
Nottingham University, Trent Building, University Park
Nottingham University, Jubilee Campus / Innovation Park    A must for fans of modern architecture
Nottingham Water Works, Castle Rd. / Castle Boulevard
Notts County Football Club Stadium, Meadow Lane  
Notts County Cricket Club, Trent Bridge  
'Nova', Talbot Street     *Was Talbot House
O Ocean Nightclub, Greyfriars Gate
Odeon Cinema, Angel Row.  
Old Angel Public House, Stoney Street
Old Corn Exchange, Thurland Street
Old Nottingham Playhouse, Goldsmith Street
Old Nottingham Cattle Market etc, Meadow Lane  
Old Pump House, 5 The Ropewalk  
Old St. John's Church, Racecourse Road, Colwick
Old Theatre Royal, St. Mary's Gate
Old Trent Bridge
Orchard Hotel, Beeston Lane, Nottingham University Park  
Oxford Street. No.2  
Oxford Street. No's. 4, 6 & 8  
Oxford Street. No. 10 - Cherwell House  
P The Palais / Oceana, King Edward Street   
Park Water Works, The Ropewalk.  * See also Franklin Ellis Architects
Peacock Hotel, Mansfield Road  
Peggers Public House, Southwell Road  
Peoples College, Castle Road
Peoples College, The Ropewalk (Old college)  
Picture House Cinema, 33 Long Row    
Picture Works, Queens Road  
Pilcher Gate - No.41.  
Pitcher & Piano Pub, High Pavement.  
Playhouse Theatre, East Circus Street  
Plumptre Hospital, Plumptre Square
Plumptre Street. No's 10 & 12  
Pod (The Pod), Fletcher Gate / Bottle Lane
Portland Building, Nottingham University  
Post Office, Queen Street  
Poultry Arcade, The Poultry
Prince of Wales Brewery, Alpine Street, Basford  
Priory Church of St. Anthony, Lenton
Prudential Building, King / Queen Street
Q Queens Chambers, Long Row / Queen Street   
Queens Hotel, Arkwright Street   
R Radford Boulevard Council School, Ilkeston Road  
Radford Mill, Norton Street / Garden Street   (William Hollins / Viyella International)
Ragged School, Gedling Street
Raleigh Industries Building, Lenton Boulevard
Railway Station, Carrington Street  
Redmayne & Todd Sports Shop, Canal Street
Reform Club, 16-18 Victoria Street  
Regent Court, 48 - 60 Derby Road   
Regent Street. No 7 to 15    
Regent Street. No. 17  
Regent Street, No. 19  
Regent Street, No. 25 - Hine House    
Regency House, The Ropewalk   
Regina House, Queens Bridge Road  
Registry Office, Shakespeare Street
River Crescent, Waterside Way, Trent Park
Riverbank (The), Trent Bridge  
Rock City, Talbot Street
Roden Street Mill, Roden Street / Robin Hood Street
Ropewalk House, The Ropewalk
Rose and Crown, Derby Road, Lenton   
Rose of England, Mansfield Road  
Royal Children Public House, Castle Gate
Royal Concert Hall, South Sherwood Street
Russell Chambers, Long Row / King Street  
S Salutation Inn, St. Nicholas Street.
Savoy Cinema, Derby Road, Lenton  
Selectadisc, Market Street  
Sentinel Building, Wilford Road / Traffic Street  
Severns Building, Castle Road
Sheriff House, 64 St. James's Street  
Sherwood Tram Depot, Mansfield Road  
Shipstone's Brewery, Radford Road, Radford  * Now John Pye & Sons
Shire Hall, High Pavement  
Sikh Temple, Norton Street
Simon & Pickard Paper Merchants , Castle Boulevard   
Sir John Borlace Warren Public House, Ilkeston Rd.  
South Reef, Canal Street - Now known as Nottingham One  
Speak Easy Public House (The Spread Eagle)
St. Anthony's Church, Lenton
St. Andrews Church, Mansfield Road
St. Barnabas Cathedral Church, Derby Road  
St.James's Street, No.64  
St.James's Street, No.68  
St. James's Terrace. No's. 2,3 & 4  
St. Leodegarius Church, Basford  
St. Leonard's Church, Wollaton  
St. Luke's Chapel, Bagthorpe Workhouse  *Now part of Nottingham City Hospital
St Luke's House, 71-73 Friar Lane   *Nottingham Society of Arts
St. Mary's Church, High Pavement   
St. Mary's Gate - No. 27 (St. Mary's House).  
St. Mar's Parish Room, 2A Standard Hill  
St. Mary's School, Duke's Place  
St. Mary Eleousa Church, Derby Rd.
St. Nicholas's Church, Maid Marion Way  
St. Nicholas Court, 25-27 Castle Gate  
St. Peters Church, Hartley Road, Old Radford
St. Peters Church, St. Peters Square
St. Peters Church Walk. No's 1 & 2  
St. Peters Church Walk. No.4  
St. Stephen's Church, Dale Street, Sneinton
St. Wilfrid's Church, Wilford  
Stage Public House, Wollaton Street
Standard Hill No's. 1 & 2  
Standard Hill.  No. 2A  
Stanford House, 19 Castle Gate  
Stoney Street. No. 4.   
Strathdon Hotel, Vernon Street  
T Talbot House, Talbot Street.   

Talbot Point, Talbot Street  
Talbot Studios, 118 Talbot Street  
Tap N Tumbler Public House, Wollaton Street
Taylor Building, Nottingham Trent University Law School  
Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (TEC)   
Terrace Royal, Clarendon Street
The Bank public house, Beastmarket Hill  
The Hub, Carrington Street / Queens Road   * Midland Station re-development
Theatre Royal, Theatre Square  
Thurland Hall, Thurland Street
Toby's Department Store / Vernon House, Friar Lane
Tower House, Park Row  
Town Arms, Trent Bridge  * Now 'The Riverbank'
Trent Building, Nottingham University, University Park  * This is NOT Nottingham Trent University
Trent Navigation Public House, Meadow Lane  * Now open for business again.
Trinity Buildings, Trinity Walk / Forman Street  
Trinity Square Development  
Trip to Jerusalem Inn, Castle Road
Trivett's Lace Factory, Short Hill / Short Stairs  
Turf Tavern, Upper Parliament Street  
U University College, (Trent University) Shakespeare St.  
Unitarian Church, High Pavement  * Now the Pitcher & Piano public house
V Vault Hall - 24-26 Low Pavement
Vernon House, 18 Friar Lane
Via Fossa Public House, Canal Street & Canal Side  
Victoria Baths, Gedling Street (Original)  
Victoria Baths, Gedling Street (After re-development)  
Victoria Centre, Milton Street  
Victoria Flats, Milton Street
Victoria Hall, Bath Street  
Victoria Hotel, Milton Street
Victoria Railway Station, Milton Street
Victoria Street - No.6
W Warser Gate - No.35  
Waterfront Public House, Castle Wharf / Canal Street  
Watson Fothergill Offices, George Street    
Weekday Cross Viaduct
Welbeck Hotel, Talbot Street
Wesleyan Chapel, Shakespeare Street  * Now belonging to Trent University
West End Arcade, Long Row
Wheeler Gate No. 25-29  
Wheeler Gate No. 31-33  
White Hart Public House, Gregory Street, Lenton
White Horse Public House, Ilkeston Road
White Swan Public House, Church Street, Basford  
Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market, Sneinton
Wilford Toll Bridge & NET Tram Stop  
William Booth birthplace - 12 Notintone Place, Sneinton
William W Smith Almshouses, Chestnut Grove
William Woodsend Memorial Homes, Derby Road  
Willoughby House, 20 Low Pavement  
Wollaton Hall, Wollaton
Wollaton Village Buildings - Church, Dovecote Etc.  
Women's Hospital, Peel Street   *Is now Charleston House
Wrights Bank, 1 Carlton Street


Y Yates's / The Talbot, Long Row
YMCA International, Mansfield Road
YMCA, Shakespeare Street
Z -